Fine Dining Daily Cruises

Brunch Cruise

  • 10h00 – 12h00
  • Adult: R795.00 pp
  • Children 6-12: R595.00

Lunch Cruise

  • 13h00 to 15h00
  • Adult: R795.00 pp
  • Children 6-12: R595.00

Sunset Cruise

  • 16h00 to 18h00
  • Adult: R795.00 pp
  • Children 6-12: R595.00

The luxurious Alba experience begins before boarding, as canapés and champagne are served upon arrival on lush green lawn scattered with cocktail tables, and the most breath-taking views of the waters of Hartbeespoort Dam, or as we now know it Harties, or even Hartbees.

Your cruise begins with The Alba gently navigating out of its harbour, shadowed by the Magnificent Magaliesburg Mountain Range, a view you will appreciate fully, thanks to the Alba’s panoramic glass walls. You are promptly welcomed aboard by the captain and his highly trained crew with the first drink, served from our fully stocked bar. Your two hour adventure has begun.

The craft traverses the dam to De Rust, and slowly cruises past the first of many landmarks to come: The Islands, a residential estate featuring a Grand Dyke leading to its own canal system. This impressive development was built by the great grandson of the Voortrekker Leader Andries Pretorius on a  farm that belonged to the legendary pioneer himself.

The incredible views through the aforementioned glass walls continue as you pass Pecanwood estate, with its glamourous waterfront homes displaying private jetties and other such trappings of luxury; at which point our attentive waiters remind you of your own luxurious turn as you enjoy the first round of gourmet finger & fork foods.

Along the shoreline, you encounter a scene that might as well be straight out of a movie script, an edifice that would be right at home as a villain’s lair in a James Bond film; the famous castle house at  Eagles Landing, built on the very shore of the dam and reminiscent of Venice’s floating homes. A vodka martini, shaken, not stirred is most fitting at this moment – good thing our bar rises to the occasion.

The culinary service continues with dish after dish of delightful fair as The Alba saddles the coastline adjacent to yet another timeless landmark, the old Meerhof Railway Bridge. This before hitting open water past the Transvaal Yacht Club, The Zoo, making a beeline for the Hartbeespoort’s own Arc De Triumph Archway.

Between bountiful bites of delectable delights, remember to royally smile and wave at the bystanders longingly looking on as you pass this monument built atop the very dam wall itself to celebrate the herculean effort it took to complete the dam, a feature not dissimilar to the Roman victory arches, particularly the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. This structure is unique to Harties in all of South Africa.

The next waymark are the decadent lifestyle homes of The Village of Kosmos. And in the spirit of such, decadent desserts to tantalize the senses are served as the boat passes the Kosmos Marina Club. Again be sure to wave back at the onlooking patrons. 

As The Alba’s tour nears its end, one of the last features you will see is the rather hip and happening Legacy Life Style venue, a Garden Restaurant and Camping venue, nestled in between the flora and the waterfront; after which you will cruise past the Caribbean Estate with its impressive Sandy Lane golf course, as you head for home port. 

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Thankfully no sense of melancholy needs dull your exhilaration when we dock and wish you Bon Voyage until we see you again… with three cruises daily, you may not have to wait too long!

fine dining daily cruises

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